Residential price list

Prices for valuation services in Tallinn ja Harjumaa

Price EUR
All prices include 20% VAT
Standard apartment in Tallinn (Mustamäe, Lasnamäe, Õismäe) 190
A recently built apartment or an apartment in the city centre or other area or with special planning (from) 220
Exclusive apartments in Tallinn and Old town (from) 230
An apartment in Harjumaa, up to 20 km from Tallinn (from) 220
Residential land in Tallinn 295
Residential house in Tallinn (from) 295
Exclusive residential house in Tallinn or Harjumaa Upon agreement
House, summer cottage, farm, residential land in Harjumaa, up to 20 km from Tallinn (from) 295
Valuator’s consultation hour    50
Additional valuation for residential premises – up to 50% of the price in the price list
A transportation fee of 13 euros will be added for sites further than 20 km from Tallinn city centre. Sites further than 30 km – price upon agreement.